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The SDI Advanced Diver certification is designed as a program to transition divers from novice to advanced, enhancing comfort and competence in the water. This course offers a deep dive into four SDI, TDI, or ERDI specialty areas, preparing you for more challenging and rewarding diving experiences.


Dive Deeper: Comprehensive Benefits

The SDI Advanced Diver certification is a transformative journey designed to refine and enhance your diving skills, preparing you for more sophisticated and thrilling underwater experiences. By participating in this program, you engage in an intensive exploration of four distinct SDI, TDI, or ERDI specialties, such as Deep Diving, Navigation, or even Intro to Tech. This diverse training enriches your understanding and mastery of various diving environments and conditions. 


Achieving the SDI Advanced Diver certification signifies a significant milestone in your diving journey, showcasing your ability to handle advanced dive scenarios with confidence and skill. Furthermore, this accomplishment sets the stage for the next level of your diving education, the SDI Rescue Diver course, opening doors to leadership roles in diving and enhancing your readiness for even more challenging diving adventures.


Understanding the Advanced Diver Certification 

The SDI Advanced Diver program caters to certified open water divers who are keen to elevate their diving skills and embrace the challenges of advanced underwater exploration. Ideal candidates include divers with an SDI Open Water Scuba Diver certification or its equivalent, and those aged 18 and above, or 10 with parental consent, showing a strong desire to advance their dive training. 


This program is also perfect for SDI Advanced Adventure divers seeking to deepen their expertise in the specialties they’ve tasted during their previous adventures. Prerequisites ensure that participants have a solid foundation in basic diving skills, are comfortable in the water, and are ready to take on the demands of advanced diving. This program is a critical step for divers who are serious about expanding their knowledge, skills, and experience in the diving world, setting the stage for a lifetime of underwater discovery and achievement.


**Price does not include Scuba gear, but gear is available for rent or purchase.**

**Price does not include any extra diving fees**

*Dates and times may vary depending on conditions/class size. 

There are no refunds, instead we makeup camps/diving depending on conditions and calendar availability. All sales are final.

Advanced Diver

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