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The SDI Divemaster course offers divers the chance to ascend to the professional ranks of diving, providing them with comprehensive skills in dive leadership, safety management, and underwater guidance, thereby opening doors to a rewarding career in the dive industry.


Unlocking Pro Potential: Benefits of the Divemaster Certification

The SDI Divemaster certification is a significant milestone in your diving career, empowering you with the expertise to lead certified divers, manage dive sites, and ensure safety with the utmost professionalism. Through rigorous training, you’ll deepen your understanding of diving science, including physics and physiology, and refine your practical diving skills to handle complex underwater scenarios confidently. This course transforms you into a trusted leader and mentor within the diving community, enhancing your ability to guide and inspire fellow divers, and setting a solid foundation for a rewarding career in dive instruction and dive center management.


Diving into the Details: Divemaster Prerequisites

Designed for advanced divers looking to progress into professional dive roles or pursue instructorship, the SDI Divemaster course sets a high standard for entry:


  • Target Audience: Advanced divers aiming to transition into professional roles within the dive industry, such as dive guides or instructors.
  • Age and Certification Requirements: Minimum age of 18, holding an SDI Advanced Adventure Diver certification or equivalent, with proven experience in essential diving specialties.
  • Rescue Diver Qualification: A prerequisite is the SDI Rescue Diver certification or its equivalent, ensuring a solid foundation in diver safety and rescue operations.
  • Health and Safety Credentials: Current CPR, first aid, and oxygen provider certifications are required, demonstrating comprehensive emergency preparedness.
  • Dive Log Prerequisite: A minimum of 40 logged dives to show extensive diving experience and familiarity with various underwater environments.



Prepare for a rigorous and rewarding training experience, blending online education with practical in-water sessions. The course demands high physical fitness levels, demonstrated through swim tests and rescue scenarios, alongside mastery of diving skills in various conditions. You’ll engage in active learning, developing the ability to manage dive groups, solve problems, and lead dives effectively. This holistic training approach equips you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to excel as a SDI Divemaster.

By completing the SDI Divemaster Course, you step into a world of professional diving, ready to lead, inspire, and advance in the global dive community.


**Specialties Needed are a Separate Charge Each**

**Price does not include Scuba gear, but gear is available for rent or purchase.**

**Price does not include any extra diving fees**

*Dates and times may vary depending on conditions/class size. 

There are no refunds, instead we makeup camps/diving depending on conditions and calendar availability. All sales are final.

Divemaster Professional Rating

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