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If you have 50 logged dives, rescue diver, and 4 specialties, you can become a true Master Diver!


The SDI Master Scuba Diver Program is your pathway to becoming a true master of scuba diving. Through this program, you’ll explore four specialized diving areas of your choice, plus become a certified SDI Rescue Diver. This journey not only broadens your diving knowledge but also enhances your underwater skills, safety awareness, and adaptability in diverse environments. With the completion of 50 logged dives, you gain unparalleled experience, preparing you for almost any diving situation. This comprehensive approach ensures you emerge as a confident, skilled, and respected member of the diving community, ready to tackle adventures that lie in the depths below.


This is different than a SDI Divemaster, which is a professional level certification. Master diver is the highest-level non-professional certification SDI offers. The minimum age is 18 or 15 with parental consent. Ages 10-14 can also be do this, just under Junior Master Diver until they can upgrade at age 15.


The SDI Master Scuba Diver Development Program is designed for dedicated divers aiming to achieve the pinnacle of recreational diving certification. Ideal for:


  • Advanced Divers: The program requires a new Open Water Diver to complete four SDI, TDI, or ERDI Specialties, the SDI Rescue Diver course, and log 50 dives. This course is the next step for divers looking to deepen their expertise and skill set. SDI feels a diver will be a true master scuba diver after these steps are accomplished.
  • Age Requirements: Open to individuals 18 years or older, ready for advanced training. Divers aged 15-17 may participate with parental consent, acknowledging the maturity required for such comprehensive dive training.
  • Commitment to Diving: Suitable for divers demonstrating a strong commitment to diving excellence and safety. This program is tailored for those who are passionate about expanding their diving knowledge and skills across a broad range of specialties and scenarios.
  • Dive Experience: Participants should be comfortable in the water and eager to take on the challenges and learning opportunities this program offers.


By meeting these prerequisites, participants will join an elite group of divers, embarking on a journey that not only enhances their diving capabilities but also solidifies their status within the diving community as true masters of the sport.


**Specialties Needed are a Separate Charge Each**

**Price does not include Scuba gear, but gear is available for rent or purchase.**

**Price does not include any extra diving fees**

*Dates and times may vary depending on conditions/class size. 

There are no refunds, instead we makeup camps/diving depending on conditions and calendar availability. All sales are final.

Master SCUBA Diver

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